This is the first time I have been through the Spiral, and hopefully not the last. Jacqui is an amazing Spiral practitioner. Although we have known each other for a long time, Jacqui was very professional in her approach, making sure I got the best out of each session. Jacqui was so supportive the whole way through, she would even check up on me after the session to see how I was going and was willing to offer any advice for things that came up along the way, so I never felt like I was going through this alone. Her knowledge, life experience and intuitive nature meant that nothing I said, felt or experienced left me feeling self-conscious or afraid. She made me feel understood, strong and brave. The process of spiral itself was unlike anything I’ve done before. At times I felt so heavy with the weight of emotions I had been carrying with me for most of my life, I couldn’t hold my head up. I’ve learnt that when I was experiencing anxiety, I was also experiencing many other emotions on top of it. After Jacqui helped me to clear these attached emotions anxiety was felt in only its purest form. It was confusing to start off with because I began looking at it through a clear lens and I felt detached from it somehow; but also I feel comfortable to sit with it now instead of running away from it. Spiral has affected the patterns and conditioning of not only me, but of the people around me – my husband, my mother, my sister, even the people I work with. Things that were triggering me one week, were gone the next. I have cleared so much; there are times where I am not sure who I am anymore. Jacqui and the Spiral have helped me to create boundaries that didn’t exist, have opened the communication flood gates, helped me realise that feeling emotions is ok, question my life’s purpose and to heal deep wounds.

I didn’t know much at all about the Spiral program when Jacqui first started offering it but I knew in my heart I wanted to do it. My trust and belief in Jac and her ability as a guide and healer was already so strong as I had experienced some other wonderful shifts under her guidance. The spiral program did not disappoint. Whilst the immediate impacts for me were more subtle, as time goes on I now see I am a completely different person. I speak my truth without fear of what others will think. I now own who I truly am and state out loud what I want from my life and what I have to offer without fears & guilt. I have started to have great success in my business. Throughout the entire process and post the Spiral Jacqui has been there for me constantly. Her level of empathy and understanding for clients is like none other – beyond what I have experienced from any other practitioner. She went above and beyond to tailor everything to me and my specific needs and always went the extra mile to ensure I felt like I was getting everything I possibly could from the program. I can’t wait to do the advanced program with Jac when it’s available (but first I’ll wait for the rest of this to integrate!) The spiral program is beneficial for everyone and you couldn’t be in better hands than with Jacqui!

Spiral and Jacqui have helped me to open up a part of myself that has been shut down for a long time. It has been an emotional roller coaster but I have learnt so much about myself in these last few months. I have learnt to be more patient and understanding with myself and that it’s OK to love myself – loving myself doesn’t mean being arrogant or stuck up, but that I am worth loving and being loved. It has tested my relationship with my husband but it’s also brought us closer together. I don’t get triggered by others like I used to and I don’t get angry like I used to and that’s so empowering! I still have a way to go yet but it feels good to finally feel like me!

After hearing Jacqui’s Spiral story and how it had helped people she had worked with, I became intrigued. I must say I was a bit sceptical and worried about what it involved – being open and vulnerable are not my specialities. I was keen to learn more though as I want to finally to deal with issues which were holding me back in so many ways. I was concerned about finances so Jacqui suggested we do a Wealth Clear. I was very nervous but Jacqui did an awesome job talking me through the process and explaining what she was doing. I have always struggled to visualise as my mind is always racing so much that I can’t focus. Jacqui was patient and tried to help me picture things in a different way. I didn’t know what to expect after our session or how I would know that it had worked. I did wake up feeling like my throat and nose was so blocked and congested – my body trying to release everything that I was holding onto when it came to wealth and my worth. It was the next night that I found out I had won a competition – I have never won anything before! I took this as a clear sign that we had changed something significant. I am so excited to work with Jacqui more and experience the change and impact that Spiral will have on my life.