Podcast love

Last night I did my first interview for a podcast that I love called Soul Doctor by Rebecca Dettman. I was a bit scared but also excited! All guests on the show are anonymous, but to have someone I respect and think so highly of ask about my thoughts and experiences is a HUGE honour and definitely another big step towards allowing myself to be seen – owning who I truly am instead of living in fear and doubting my worth. I love Marianne Williamson’s famous quote “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” I pulled the amazingly accurate angel card pictured above before the podcast – you can get one for free here.

Here is a list of some of my favourite podcasts. I love anything health and spirituality, but I also love humour. Podcasts make boring tasks entertaining (think vacuuming, doing the dishes, long drives, work, going for a run).

Some of my faves:

Soul Doctor
Amber Hawken
Hughesy and Kate
Kate, Tim and Marty
Matt and Meshel
Carrie and Tommy Catchup
The Melissa Ambrosini Show
Awaken Radio by Connie Chapman
Spirit Talks For The 5th Dimension
Expand On That With Paris Wells
The Priestess Podcast
My Wellness Wishlist
The Mason Taylor Show
The Little Dum Dum Club
Susana Frioni
Wilosophy with Wil Anderson
10 Questions with Adam Zwar
Up For A Chat
Hay House World Summit
The Sacred Medicine Podcast
Dr Karen Kan

The Teskey Brothers

I went to see my favourite local band The Teskey Brothers on the weekend at the iconic Melbourne venue Corner Hotel. The guys have just done 3 sold out shows there, and are off touring this album to sold out venues all around Australia. I first heard them 9 years ago as I was leaving the St Andrews market and walked through the pub to get to my parked car. As I was walking through, a special sound stopped me dead in my tracks. Two young local guys from Warrandyte up on stage playing acoustic tunes. There was something so unique about their music that I had no choice but to sit down and listen, lucky for me their set had only just started and I sat there entranced for the next 3 hours. After that I went to see them there once a month and all over Melbourne from Healesville to Brighton doing free gigs at festivals, pubs and restaurant’s. They are a 4 piece band (they used to occasionally play as a duo, and lead singer Josh did a solo gig once at St Andrews Pub) who have been playing together for 10 years and have now added in brass and keyboards. Every time I watched them I would ask if they had anything on disc yet and Josh would say “yeah we’re working on it, maybe next time” but they were not in any hurry and were just enjoying doing their thing for the fun of it. I dragged everyone I could along to come watch them with me, sometimes going by myself so that I didn’t have to talk to anyone and could listen uninterrupted. One day I will never forget, I had taken mum to see them and at the end of an amazing cover, they started singing a little scat that sounded like my name. Mum looked at me and said “they’re singing about you!”. They were just mucking around, having some fun – but they didn’t know that at that time my dad was dying and I was obviously in a very numb and dark place and that little ode to me really made my day and gave me something to smile about when things were certainly feeling anything but happy in my world. Now they are just growing in popularity at a crazy rate – at the gig on Saturday night everyone was singing their songs back to them and the only way to see them perform now is to buy a ticket before it sells out! Their album reached #2 on the iTunes chart – pretty amazing considering they recorded this album at their home studio! Chris Hemsworth even posted on Instagram about their album. I’m so happy for them and their success, but I do miss those days of hearing them play afternoon gigs in quiet local pubs where you could really feel the music in an organic, earthy way. They are playing at Queenscliff Music Festival, supporting Rag N Bone Man and have many more of their own shows lined up – I highly recommend getting to one of them if you can. Have a listen to the amazing Teskey Brothers and here live on Triple M.

Life is what you make it

Last weekend I had a meltdown. This month I have had one large bill after another all come in at once and some were unexpected, so the last straw for me was being told by my tax accountant that I owed a large sum of money to the tax man. Usually I look forward to tax return time because I get money back. This particular day I was tired from a Bikram class (I love it, but it takes a LOT out of your body), I was hormonal, worrying about all my bills and then missed an appointment I had made months ago as some shocking Melbourne footy traffic made me half an hour late. I sat on the side of the road, had a cry and felt sorry for myself. It’s easy in those circumstances to feel like the world is against you and get stuck in a negative mindset. I recall a time 15 years ago when I had broken up with a boyfriend and was feeling awful, then got 2 speeding fines in one week plus a parking fine! At the time I thought the world was just happening to me, but now I know that the universe was merely responding to me. Now that I know better, I do better. Back to me having a big sook on the side of the road… I drove home feeling pretty low, but I did all the things I know that make me feel better (stand up comedy on tv, long bath, night in with cat snuggles and early to bed). I woke the next day feeling back to my normal positive self and even managed to have energy left over to give a kinesiology/healing session for a friend. I did still think about my bills bills bills but with a different perspective, more ‘the universe will look after me’ rather than ‘why me?’. I asked for the money to magically be sent back to me and I always trust that the universe has my back. The key is to let it go. The universe can’t help us when we hold on to things and have an expectation, you just have to get out the way and trust it will all work out. It may not happen in the most obvious way, so let go of the ‘how’. The world works in mysterious ways. Allow it to work for you.

I have been listening to music more than usual this week to really get my energy in an amped up place – music is so powerful! Two days ago someone very unexpectedly gifted me a large sum of money, and today I won money on the radio! Just getting through is hard enough (I ring every day and it’s always engaged), let alone being on air and answering 10 questions in 30 seconds. I asked my guides to give me all the answers – and they did! Life is not just happening to you, you are creating it with your thoughts, and more so with how you feel. I love this quote by the late great Wayne Dyer – “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. So true. Let that sink in.

I’m going out to watch my favourite band play this weekend, the sun is shining and I’m feeling high vibe! I’ll leave you with an album recommendation by sublime Melbourne band Hiatus Kaiyote – they always give me the good feels. My faves are Borderline With My Atoms, Molasses, Jekyll and By Fire. Enjoy!

Something tasty

Just going to ease into this whole blogging thing with a recipe I’ve been thrashing at the moment. Don’t want to scare anyone off too quickly with some pretty out there things I’ve experienced in my life so far! Might also preface that by saying that it’s not going to be a chronological autobiography, rather whatever I feel guided to suddenly put fingers to keyboard about. So for now, here’s something easy, healthy, cheap, filling and warm for a winter dinner or lunch. This recipe usually makes 2 huge serves, so just double it for a family. Everything I make is mostly vegan, grain free and organic but I’m not going to say that every time and bore the shizen out of you. Mum used to make this meal when I was younger and I flat out hated it, but now I hang for it – funny how that happens! She called it Chop Suey, I think it is actually known as Chow Mein – who cares, it’s damn tasty! I don’t really measure things either – I have my Mum’s knack for just knowing how much a dish needs of everything, but I’ll try my best. I always cook with music, I definitely think the mood you’re in when you make food has an effect on how it turns out – I never cook in a bad mood or it always tastes terrible! Get a bit of Stevie Wonder going for cooking, he is one of my all-time faves and I reckon if you don’t feel like happy dancing to these 2 tunes I really can’t help you! Master Blaster and Do I Do

Chop an onion and fry in a big pot with olive or coconut oil, chop a big carrot and add to the mix. Slice up a big quarter white cabbage into strips and add in. Add enough hot water to only just cover everything (about a cup?), add 3 tablespoons curry powder, some Vermicelli noodles, 2 tablespoons Massel vegetable stock powder, 4 tablespoons of brown rice, and a drained tin of brown lentils. Leave it to thicken on a medium heat for an hour or so – I usually make it the day prior as it heats up easily and tastes even better the next day.

Dipping my toe in the water…

It has been suggested to me many times to write a blog, and even though I follow a gazillion blogs myself (I use a sweet little app called Bloglovin to compile them all in one place for me), I just thought what the hell do I have to say that hasn’t already been said? More than that, fear is really what was stopping me… Once you put something out into the ether, it’s a bit like digitally laying your soul bare. One of my big messages from the universe lately has been that it is time for me to allow myself to be seen for who I really am – so here I am! For a long time I thought no one would ever read it so why bother, but I’m sure that’s how all blogs start. Who knows where they end up or who out there in the world wide webs need to read it right at that moment to help them in some way, give inspiration or just take their mind off a boring desk job for a minute (smoke breaks are so 1990 – but I’m not knocking the 90’s, best tunes ever made!). So I will be writing about my experiences in general but mostly of the spiritual kind, recipes (anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to cook and experiment in the kitchen), things I have learned (99.9% of the time the hard way…), stuff that inspires me, music I love and whatever else comes up. If you have a question or suggestion I would love to hear about it. First post down – that wasn’t so hard after all! Today I am loving this song by Icelandic hottie Ásgeir – have a listen and treat your ears.