Change your story 📚

When I first started taking people through the Spiral process, I knew it would help them but I didn’t really know how much. I was only new to it myself and hadn’t seen the full effect of it in my own life yet. As it turns out, my whole life changed. I lost 13kg of disgust and shame I had for my own body. I now love it unconditionally for the first time in my life – something I have always wanted but never dreamed possible. I let go of comparisons, expectations, armour, beliefs that were holding me back. I am now living my idea of a dream life! On my purpose, fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been, abundant and wealthy, with so much to look forward to. I am going to Bali in September to learn how to take people through Wealth Spiral which will be massive.

When people reach out to me they are at their wit’s end. They want big change. They know they have to go past the fear and resistance to get to the gold that’s there for them but somehow always just out of their reach – I know that feeling all too well! They quickly get to know that they can trust me to guide, support them, and call bullshit where needed. I have been where they are at, and I know I can raise their level of consciousness and empower them. They start getting out of their own way, stop running stories and start BEING the person living the life they want right now. They report feeling like a new person: a creator, no longer a victim of circumstance. Changes happen fast because of my intention and belief in them, and their willingness to be open and do the work. They start speaking up, speaking their truth with total honesty, knowing their worth and what they deserve, feeling more aligned and on purpose, observing rather than engaging. It lights me right up to see such huge shifts in my clients and I can literally see the change in them! They look younger, vibrant, calm and content with a deep stillness to their energy. They change so much that I have to remind them of how far they have come because they can’t even recall being anything but elevated and in their power. They wake up to the reality of their life and realise they’ve been living a lie. They no longer conform or subscribe to imaginary rules they never knew they could question before. They start to remember who they truly are. It’s a process of letting go of who you were told to be and knowing that you can be anything you desire. They heal for themselves, for their ancestors and future children.


Everyone thinks they’re broken, fucked up, in need of ‘fixing’ but that’s the universal lie we have all been sold to keep us consuming, good little 9-5 workers who don’t question anything. They just can’t see their own light and it’s my job to remind them. Using Spiral, manifesting, quantum consciousness and the power of intention we make magic and get to the level of straight up expecting miracles – and my word do they happen. They start to get comfortable with being seen, shining bright, becoming magnetic and manifesting their desires.


I care deeply and I give all that I have to bringing about change and transformation. I have so many amazing stories of how my client’s lives have changed after Spiral.

Is it time for you to change your story?


How Spiral found me 🌀

I had studied some Kinesiology, not to mention many other various modalities but nothing seemed to resonate really deeply with me. I was searching for something but nothing was quite hitting the mark. I had read the book Clear Your Shit by Dane Tomas who created The Spiral. I had been following Dane on social media and somehow through Facebook advertising I saw that a Kinesiologist named David Lane was doing a workshop in April going a little deeper into the Clear Your Shit book and self-testing. I went and really loved the workshop and Dane’s sister happened to be there so we got to talking about Spiral. I didn’t know anything about it but I just felt strongly that it was what I had been searching for – a full body YES feeling. I booked and paid for it in full, along with flights and accommodation before I even had time off from work approved – I was THAT certain. The day after I booked it, I went to an intimate gig by a beautiful singer called ALPHAMAMA – an artist I had discovered a few months prior on Triple J Like A Version. I had been loving her music and following her on Instagram. When I saw she was coming to Melbourne to play I was there with bells on! At the gig David Lane walked in – I was surprised to see him, I had no idea he knew Alpha. Turns out they had done Spiral training together! I was blown away because I had absolutely no idea Alpha was connected to Spiral, and she was actually going to be support crew at my training! Huge synchronicity and a clear sign that I had made the right choice! I’ve been into conscious and spiritual modalities for years and Spiral wasn’t something I had ever heard about other than through Dane’s book. Sitting at the gig having a great time I started chatting to a girl next to me. Turns out she was going through Spiral with Alpha and coming to the July training I had booked just the day before. I knew then that I had made the right choice without a doubt – confirmation was coming at me in spades!

The magic and depth of Spiral is not easy to explain in words, it needs to be felt and experienced. Everyone will have a different journey through it. I will try to explain a little about mine. The week before going to Byron Bay to the 7 day Spiral Practitioner training, I was deeply tired (I am usually very full of energy), nauseous and getting headaches. Those feelings seemed to grow stronger every day leading up to the training, the day before being particularly potent. I went to the beach, meditated (not going to lie, I rarely meditate…), spent a lot of time in nature, ate high vibe amazing food and rested. The day of training I woke up feeling good and all symptoms were magically gone. I saw this as my vibration letting go of stuff in order to level up for what I was about to do. I can’t explain the 7 days after that because it was so intense, magical, powerful and confronting – so much happened! What I can say is that each day we went through a level of Spiral, and each day I dropped more and more deep conditioning, stories and beliefs. What was left was my true self, free and shining brighter than ever before. We moved through so many deep emotions and experiences in those 7 days and it was the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done!

When I came home I actually got sick twice in 2 weeks with a cold (I very rarely get sick). I knew it was because my body was physically catching up with all of the emotional baggage I had released. Over the next 6 months I took 4 people through the Spiral process and deeply understood the power of this work. I had so many insights and realisations, my consciousness was in a place I have only ever dreamed of… I have always been intuitive but this was something else! It’s actually quite difficult to put into written words. I went through a huge ass rollercoaster! For me the best way to describe my own experience of Spiral is akin to my mind/body/soul being a house and Spiral the team of professional cleaners that came in and cleared dust and dirt from every single corner, leaving no stone unturned. It helped me let go of shit that was old and needed to be turfed, but it also put a huge spotlight on areas where I thought I had ‘done the work’. In fact I had only really tidied the surface while secretly shoving everything under the bed. Spiral opened up the Pandora’s box and forced me to see the stuff I had hidden from myself and asked me to face it, own it – go through the middle instead of over, under, and around etc. It didn’t feel great as you may imagine, but I just knew that it was necessary and that I could go through that dark tunnel and the light would be waiting for me. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I trusted I would get there and I did! It took action, commitment and determination. I sought support and had to be more vulnerable than ever before. The issue I am referring to in myself is complete and deep seated disgust and shame towards my body. I didn’t realise how much I had lied to myself and that the one thing I wanted more than ever (to feel good in my body) was always out of my reach whilst I was unwilling to do the real work. I am 38 in 2 months and can honestly say that for the first time in my life I LOVE MY BODY! This is something I had heard people speak about but never really believed could happen for me. It really is the best feeling in the world!!

I loved Spiral so much that 4 months after becoming a practitioner I undertook a 4 day training here in Melbourne to become a Certified Advanced Spiral Practitioner! I have loved watching my Spiral clients change, grow and release the version of themselves they thought they ‘should’ be, and become more of who they truly are. I am currently halfway through Spiralling my 3 year old niece. She had seen me doing this work with her Mum and asked me if she could do her own Spiral. She loves it too!

If you want to see where Spiral can take you, get in touch!


Spiritual Tradie Podcast 🎧

It’s been sooo long since I posted here that I’ve almost forgotten how… I have been extremely busy after going to Byron Bay in July to learn a super magical new modality called Spiral created by the incredible Dane Tomas. I fully intend to write about my experience at some stage. I’ve been busy taking people through the Spiral for the past 8 or so weeks and then having a rest to let my own Spiral integrate. What a roller coaster! I am loving the ride. For now I thought I would post here (because I forgot to at the time) about the podcast I did back in May with Dan Tucker, AKA The Spiritual Tradie. We had a laugh and also went to some weird and wonderful places in our chat. We may do another one at some stage. It’s a long one!

Here are the links to listen:



Womb Work

For the last week I have had upwards of 5 friend requests (mostly from men) an HOUR on Facebook. Private messages, voice messages, video messages and compliments – but surprisingly nothing creepy! At first I thought there was a glitch in the system – surely it would stop soon. It hasn’t – still going strong as I type this… It has almost driven me crazy to be honest! It wasn’t until I was at a beautiful womb workshop run by my amazing Reiki teacher on Sunday that I realised what was going on energetically. We did a meditation focusing on our womb space, I asked what my intention was and I heard “to be open”. We all had goddess cards placed in our spot in the circle at the start of the workshop and when I turned mine over I grinned as I saw ‘Shakti Energy‘. I have not really had much to do with men in the last 3 years but I have been feeling lately that I am ready to change that. A closed womb space obviously isn’t going to help! In a womb healing you clear out all of the old energy, trauma and anything else residing there that needs evicting. Energetically I was already changing and aligning to this intention a few days prior hence all of the sudden activity on Facebook – my womb space was opening! It is powerful work. The womb is the seat of all of creation and as women we can manifest easily from this space but first we need to make sure the space is clear of old wounds and lovers. I highly recommend attending a womb workshop – there are more popping up all of the time. One of the girls in circle that day said that she had not had a period in months but went home and got it that very night! I can’t talk about any of the practices we did that day as it is sacred, but my friend and I reflected the next day on how we wished we were back in that beautiful, raw and loving void where time didn’t exist. It was deeply nourishing and magical.

Sara from Space In Between runs Creation workshops a few times a year and also 1:1 private Creation Matrix healings. I have done both 6 months apart. What I intuitively saw in the healing has changed dramatically in that time and things have definitely changed in my outer world.


Comparison 🥀

After years of working on myself, I realised that the comparison track was still playing on repeat in the background of my subconscious. It’s the fastest way for me to go from feeling full and confident to insecure and ‘not enough’. In my 20’s I constantly compared my relationship status, eventually realising that I don’t want what anyone else has got. I want my own version of a relationship which will be nothing like anyone else’s. Did I even want a relationship or was I just bowing to societal pressures? My remedy was to cultivate a deeper relationship with myself. In my early 30’s I thought I wasn’t in the comparison trap anymore, until it dawned on me that I was forever comparing my body and my looks with other women. Another layer to work on, so to off to work on it I went. Now in my late 30’s what’s coming up is a deeper layer. I’m comparing where others are at on their spiritual, creative and entrepreneurial journey. I didn’t even realise I cared about being an entrepreneur – I only just learned what the word meant a few years ago! IMG_3591I have formed new connections with individuals recently that are more aligned with my values. It has been so comforting to finally feel like there is a whole community out there of like minded and supportive people. But it has come with the new challenge of me seeing their incredible light then comparing and dimming my own. Similar to the transition between primary and high school, I suddenly feel like a little fish in a very big pond. Where I was once perhaps a little smug about my spiritual understanding and experiences, I’m now among those who have been there done that and built a successful business around it. It is inspiring and simultaneously intimidating, but I know that these people have entered my world to show me that what I see in them also exists in me. I have been honest with some of them about not feeling good enough for the exciting and amazing opportunities that I have coming up. They confided that they feel the same at times. A friend pointed out to me that the feeling of fear and excitement are one and the same – so I can choose to see my feeling scared as being on the precipice of something great instead! It is all about choices after all. Whenever I have a deep conversation with another or we sit in circle, I feel less inclined to compare because I understand that underneath we all have similar fears, different missions and unique expressions of creativity.

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

I always get a picture in my mind of when this pattern of comparison started for me – playgroup, kinder and school. I dont know what its like now, but back then we were constantly being compared with the other kids in class. I remember a game we used to play where 2 students would stand up in front of the class and the teacher would yell out a math sum. The one to answer quickest moved forward on a ladder on the floor made with rulers. I could never answer because the stress of everyone looking at me made me forget my times tables and lose my voice. What resulted was me being left behind and feeling that the whole class thought I was dumb. That game used to make me sick with fear. As did being picked last for team sports – mortifying! I was always comparing myself to other kids anyway because I looked different with my curly hair, I ate different with my healthy food (health was NOT cool in the early 80’s!), and I hated sport (good at sport = popular at school). Inner child work has helped defuse the stress around this memory and how it affects me in my adult life.


At times I compare my situation to others and think my life is so much easier or better than theirs and I get a false sense of satisfaction. We all make different life choices and I sure as hell don’t like it when people pity me. Everything is a mirror. I am working on clearing my beliefs around all of this, and the negative charge I have about comparison so I can be all that I want to be and more, not hold myself back because of fear. Dropping my old programs to give myself the freedom to grow and learn and make my mark on the world! I want to help others and to do that I have to constantly work on myself. Rather than run away from my shadow I lean into it. I’m learning where I have been conditioned to avoid pain or certain behaviours to keep others happy. I am 100% committed to unraveling and becoming more of who I truly am. The deeper I go, the easier and more fulfilling life is.


Nude Yoga 🤭

My negative thoughts and feelings towards my body began the moment I started High School at age 11. Like most young girls, I looked up to the models in magazines and assumed that was what I had to aspire to. I’ve never had a flat stomach like models do. It’s the part of my body that I’ve always been the most critical of but if I’m really honest with myself, past boyfriends loved my stomach for the soft feminine curves even though I did my best never to let them touch it.


I don’t know why we blindly assume that models are the ideal and only desirable body type. 90% of women don’t look that way in real life. Models are so airbrushed and photo shopped even they don’t look like that in reality. My Mum tried to discourage me from idolising them, but she is very thin and judgmental about anyone who isn’t so I disregarded her. I got very heavy in my late teens and stopped weighing myself at 90kg. My dress size ballooned to an 18 (I’m only 5’4). Mum was horrified. I didn’t really care what I looked like at the time as I had a boyfriend who loved me the way I was, but I felt sooo tired, drained and depressed (not from how I looked, but how I felt). I used to go to bed hoping I would die in my sleep… Then one day I woke up with a strong feeling that I had to change my life right then and there because I couldn’t keep going the way I was. I broke up with my boyfriend, changed jobs and joined a gym. Eventually I got down to a size 6 and just 40kg. I took it too far, becoming obsessed and addicted to exercise and to hearing people comment on how much better I looked thin. I was so hard on myself in restricting what I ate and exercising 7 days a week, sometimes up to 3 hours a day. Being overweight and underweight were both unhealthy for me – abuse to my body at either end of the scales. I didn’t love myself when I was thinner. At my tiniest I was the most critical of my body, always striving for ‘perfection’ which seemed so far out of my reach. My boyfriend at the time suggested I focus on how far I had come instead of how far I thought I had to go. I couldn’t see it that way and continued to punish my body, collecting pain and injuries along the way. In the past 10 years I have been a lot kinder to myself, especially after bulging a disc in my spine forced me to stop taking my body for granted and listen to it. I couldn’t walk, sit or stand for 6 weeks. A Facebook “on this day” reminder came up recently with a status I had posted 6 years ago during that challenging time saying “I just want to walk, simple really“. I would have given anything at that time just to walk into the next room of my house. That really shook me up and made me look at how I had treated my body. I had never given any thought to the many amazing things it does for me every day. I scrutinised instead of appreciated it. I quit the gym and started running or walking alone so that I could stop comparing and competing with others.


I eat healthy now because I genuinely love the taste and the way it makes me feel. I don’t restrict anymore, I nourish. I still exercise daily but I check in with my body first to see how much energy I have and adjust my workout accordingly. I have come a long way in terms of treating my body kinder, but I’m not 100% there yet – it’s a work in progress. I still had unconscious negative self-talk running in the background that I became aware of. The other day I did an experiment. I decided to see what would happen if I saw my body as beautiful and sexy at all times. I mean really feel into that energy. That week I had more attention from men than I have had in a very long time! It really is the way you feel that shines out to others. Self-confidence is attractive and magnetic! Around the same time I saw an Instagram post by Rosie Rees promoting her Nude Yoga workshops. She was coming to Melbourne and I just knew I had to go to really anchor in feeling good about my body and myself. I was scared but I felt the fear and did it anyway (and did Kinesiology on myself!). In this short podcast Rosie explains how it can help with body image. Everyone I told about it thought I was crazy, but if I said an 18 year old had Botox and fillers no one would flinch – to me THAT is crazy!! When did our most natural state become so abnormal and artificial become SO normal?


The night of the workshop 25 robed women sat in circle inside a warm candle lit room feeling nervous and excited. Rosie guided us through a relaxing meditation and then we all listened as one by one every woman explained why she was there. There were a lot of tears as most of these beautiful women held deeply negative feelings toward their bodies and felt disconnected from them. They talked about their struggles with wobbling voices, and all of us listened with full presence. We could all relate to each other’s stories, but it shocked me to hear how bad women feel about themselves! That’s the power of sitting in circle; everyone feels safe to expose their vulnerabilities. We drop the judgments and become so supportive of one another.


Rosie said we could disrobe anytime we wanted and there was no pressure or hurry. As we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable, the walls, anxieties and robes dropped in no time. Everyone looked beautiful in all our many shapes and sizes and it felt like the most natural thing in the world! It’s liberating and powerful to feel so free and uninhibited. Total acceptance of our most vulnerable selves without any judgement at all – just the medicine we were all seeking.

We did yoga in an inward facing circle to feminine music, then ended by sharing how we felt. The words being voiced were ‘relaxed, calm, connected, liberated, natural, beautiful, free, happy, loved’. One lady was so relaxed that she fell asleep in the Shavasana (meditation). We ate raw treats, had a group photo taken, chatted and laughed a lot. What a celebration of being a woman! I am as healthy as I can be and I can’t change my body, only how I feel about it. Right now I feel more comfortable in my own skin and when I don’t, I have my memories of that night to remind me that we are all perfect as we are.


Some very alarming stats Rosie put together:
😳 91% of women are unhappy with their body
😔 58% of women aged between 18 – 26 feel pressure to be a certain weight
☹️ Only 2% of women believe they are beautiful and only 20% of women consider themselves to have high self-esteem
😢 67% of 10 year old girls are scared of being overweight
😡 Only 5% of women actually have the stereotypical ‘Victoria Secret’ body.
😏 40% of women consider plastic surgery


Vegan Chocolate (and one that isn’t) 🍫

Loving Earth Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate
I love the whole range of Loving Earth vegan chocolate, but this one is my favourite. It’s creamy and light.
$5.95 – $7.95


The Carob Kitchen
The plain, almond and peppermint bars are super nice. There are no added sugars, 99.9% caffeine free (better option for children), 99.% theobromine free (can cause migraines) but it does contain dairy and soy. They are extremely creamy and surprisingly very sweet.


Terra Madre Vegan Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut
Sooo addictive because of the creaminess, the texture and it’s very sweet!
$29.95 per kilo (around $7 a pack)


Chocolat Stella :Organic & Fair Dark Chocolate with Coconut Nectar
My absolute FAVE! When I bought my first bar of this chocolate I had to keep checking it wasn’t ‘normal’ chocolate. It’s from Switzerland so it is very expensive but I guarantee you it’s well worth it! Vegan, fair trade.
$9 – $12
11/10 (it’s THAT good)


Pumpy Jackson Original
I had heard about this chocolate so I was keen to try it but Im afraid the flavour and texture is just not right. It leaves a bitter and very odd taste in my mouth which I really didn’t enjoy. I love that it’s prebiotic, vegan, paleo, has no added sugar (sweetened with monk fruit), soy or dairy. But it’s a no from me.


Natural Deodorant 🙆🏻‍♀️

I don’t need to tell you that regular deodorants and antiperspirants are full of chemicals that are carcinogenic and mess with your hormones (and your future children’s). The smell of them is putrid to me now that I have been using natural ones for years. I get headaches if I’m around someone who is wearing them and I can’t even breathe if someone sprays it near me! These are the best natural ones I have found that actually work. I recently started making my own and it also works very well and is cheap as chips.

Lavanila Sport Luxe Stick $16.95
A bit of a strong smell but one I got used to and ended up liking. I use this in winter when I am not planning to do too much physically.


No Pong Deodorant Paste $5.95
This one has a faint but very pleasant smell, goes on super smooth and works all day.


Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste $18.50
Costs a bit more but this one is my favourite and the jar lasts a long time. I can put this on in the morning, go out all day and night in the height of summer and still smell fresh as a daisy even if I have been out dancing.


MyAura Organics Deodorant Stick $9
Just found this one at Coles and Woolworths and thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed! Smells amazing, glides on easily, inexpensive and best of all – it works!!


1/4 cup bicarb soda
1/4 cup arrow root powder or corn starch
5 tablespoons coconut oil

Combine baking soda and arrow root powder in a bowl and mix with a fork. Start with about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and add it to the baking soda mixture, working it into a paste. I added essential oils of lemongrass, tea tree and lavender but you dont have to – I just like a little bit of a scent plus all 3 have anti-bacterial properties.


Curls ➰

Lately whenever I see someone with naturally curly hair, I feel spellbound by how beautiful they look… then I remember that I actually have that hair myself! Why have I not embraced my true curly nature sooner? Well when I was growing up there weren’t any other girls getting around with naturally curly hair so I always felt different – but not in a good way. As a child I guess all I wanted was to fit in and be the same as everyone else. All the little girls at kinder and school had long straight hair, mine was a short curly frizz ball. My Mum has dead straight hair (Dad had curls) and she just didn’t get how to look after my type of hair so her solution was to keep it really short – I hated it! She would try to brush it with force – any curly girl worth their salt knows that you do NOT brush curls! Not only does it cause frizz, but it bloody hurts! Mum got sick of hearing me carry on like a pork chop so she left it up to me to brush, which of course I did not do. I ended up with dreadlocks underneath my hair (at the nape of my neck) which she tried in vain to brush out with me crying the whole time, so she had to cut them out.

Growing up I can’t really recall seeing anyone on TV or in magazines with natural curls, so in my mind that meant that to be beautiful or accepted, you needed to control and tame the wildness. I used to get compared to Shirley Temple a lot, a very outdated reference even when I was a child… The only females on TV with curls were the comedians that people laughed at, and even then their curls were manufactured to add to their comedic value. My brother (who is 5 years older than me) and his mates called me names when I was a newbie at Primary School. I got called Franco Cozzo (an old Italian furniture salesman who had the most terrible ads on TV), Gollywog, Medusa, the list went on. Mum once said in front of a bunch of people at a social event that my hair “looked like pubic hair” and then laughed. None of this was funny to me, I was deeply humiliated and felt so hard done by that I had been born with such ugly hair. Why couldn’t I just have shiny, floppy, effortless hair?? I grew it as long as I could and pulled it back tight in a pony tail (which gave me headaches) until straighteners became a thing. Then the GHD was invented, the answer to all my prayers! I could get silky, poker straight hair at home instead of the $40 I paid my hairdresser to blow wave it every Friday night. I bought one right away! Most people didn’t even know I had curly hair, no one in my young adult life had ever seen it anything other than straight and blonde.


Somewhere along the way I got the idea that men only liked blondes, so I bleached it for 10 years. All that time and money wasted on trying to fit into some imaginary ideal that I made up myself. I’m not blaming anyone – I think parents do the best that they can with what they have at the time. We are all becoming more conscious and aware now of the things we do and say and how they affect the young and impressionable. School and parents never used to put any time or emphasis into teaching children to love ourselves and be proud of what makes us unique. It was all about comparison, striving, doing – never about simply BEING. The decision at 29 years old to stop bleaching my hair and go back to my natural brunette colour was scary for me. Intuitively I felt it was time to be more myself, but I was so scared I would look unattractive to men. My self-esteem hinged on how validated I was by the opposite sex – negative belief patterns I have thankfully worked on and let go of. I want a man who loves me for who I really am, so it starts with me. How will anyone even know who I truly am if I hide her all the time?

I think I have always been trying to play small in many different ways and this is just a physical manifestation of that – big, curly hair seemed ‘too much’. Too wild and out of control according to a patriarchal society, but to be feminine is to be wild like mother nature! I want a man who deeply desires to be with a wild woman embodying her true nature.

My curly girl niece

I tell my beautiful 3 year old niece how gorgeous her curls are all the time yet I deny that in myself. I don’t think she has ever seen me with my natural curls. Kids learn from what you do, not what you say. I went to visit Neel Loves Curls and had them educate me on how to look after my hair and style it with the Curly Girl method. I am loving being my wild natural self – I was definitely not born to fit in but I sure did waste a lot of energy trying in the past! I recently stumbled upon homemade flax gel and am pleasantly surprised at how well it holds my curls without looking hard and crunchy. It’s so cheap and easy to make! I have been wearing my hair out and proud for the past few days. It’s easier to style cause I don’t do anything but whack in tiny amount of flax gel. I am learning a lot from private Facebook groups and articles like this. So good to finally appreciate the hair I was given!

I Am Not My Hair

13 Questions with Lizzy Rose ✡️

I met Lizzy 10 years ago when a friend recommended her for a reading. She was very accurate and lovely to be around. Since then I have followed her on social media and seen her on tv shows such as Today Tonight, The Project, and in many magazines. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to her for this interview. She was very generous to make time in her busy life for me and I found everything she said extremely interesting. I could have chatted to her all day.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your life currently looks like?
Most of my time is spent between psychic readings, mediumship sessions, exorcisms, space clearings, assisting people in passing over peacefully, pitching my upcoming TV show Witch In The City and hosting my OWLL Coven witches circle. I have 5 sons and 3 grandchildren. People fly from all over the world to see me in person – 70% of my readings are done face to face, 30% on Skype. People are so open to all of this now – from all walks of life and nationalities, public people, CEOs, bank managers, politicians and celebrities. I see 50/50 men and women – that’s a lot more men now than ever before.

What do you feel your mission is?
To take everything I do to a broader audience. Educate. Get the Pagan message out. To have Paganism recognised as a religion which I am actively taking steps towards.

What led you to the path you are on now?
I started ‘seeing’ at 4, then started doing professional readings at 9 when a neighbour came over with a basket of fruit and asked if she could pay for a session.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Predicting 9/11 in a local newspaper before it happened. I had vivid dreams about it for 9 months prior and felt myself burning and falling from a building.

How did you use that difficult period as a catalyst for positive change in your life?
Firmed up my boundaries and became more discerning about who I trust. What I say in readings comes with consequences and big responsibility. I became careful about who I spoke to and what I said. I had an understanding of the spiritual world but was very naive about the physical world. I am now very selective on how much information I give to people.

What has been the highest point in your life so far?
My kids and grandchildren. Doing personal love spells for romance and creating the man of my dreams. Knowing I have power that I can use to manifest things I want in my life and it is limitless as long as it’s done with pure intentions. We can have anything we want and don’t need to live in victim or poverty mentality.

What positive impact do you want to make in the world?
To help people wake up to their spirit – energy and soul is very real. I want people to be accountable for themselves and know their own power and worth. I don’t want them to become reliant on me or anyone else – I want them to take what they have learned and go and do it for themselves.

What is most important to you?
Publicly – equality, empowerment and recognition.
Personally – to find my worth and not hold myself back, never stop learning. Turn every negative into a positive. Always be humble enough to know that I don’t know everything. It all comes down to energy.

How do you handle low days?
Rest, meditation, music, baths, take time to do something for myself. Spend time with my beautiful man I created. Spend time with the ones I love. There are low days as there’s a lot of violence in my job – I deal with people who have extreme mental illness, ice users, prisoners, psychiatric wards…

What do you do to stay in the flow and inspired?
I am always getting inspiration every day without even trying. Sylvester Stallone, Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger inspire me. I’m really inspired by kind, genuine entrepreneurs and real, raw genuine everyday people.

Who or what are the people, blogs, podcasts, music or books that have helped you the most?
Wendy Rule, Sacred Earth, Spiral Dance.

What’s the best advice you would give in regards to your experiences?
Be open to learn – always. Balance – if you want to learn, READ equally as much as you DO (so many people just read and research but don’t put anything into practise). Don’t overload. Research classes and circles before going to see if they are right for you – ask questions.

How can people find you/ get in touch with you?
My website

Lizzy Rose DEC 2017 112

Photos by Lisa Atkinson